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Image by Robert V. Ruggiero

part of giant projects

We love to produce elevator pulleys

We have adopted the principle of doing the best that can be done.

For this reason, we decided to produce the best elevator pulley.

Arti Kasnak Warehouse
Arti Kasnak CNC

We Produce According to Technical Drawing

We Keep Stock For You

We Provide High Quality

We Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction

We Provide Technical Support

For the better the best

Rapid Production

Pulleys are produced by the expert team as plastic and casting pulleys as soon as possible.

Production on Demand

Since Artı Kasnak only produces elevator pulleys, it produces the most accurate product in perfect quality in line with your request.

Product Warranty

We stand behind the pulleys we produce... The pulley we produce is produced in line with your demands. In case of a faulty product, we always compensate our mistake.

Modern Asansör

Why Artı Kasnak?

25 years of experience in the elevator industry

After-Sales Support

Quality Certified Pulleys

Rapid production

Technical Support

In accordance with international standards

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