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Belt Pulley


Steel Belt Pulley

High Performance and Safety

Steel belt pulleys used in lifts are one of the most important components of modern lift systems. Replacing traditional steel ropes, these innovative pulleys are used in combination with polyurethane-coated steel ropes (belts) and provide quieter, more efficient and safer operation of lifts.

When combined with magnet-excited synchronous motors, steel belt pulleys provide high torque at low speed without the need for a reducer, increasing the travelling speed and comfort of the lift. In addition, steel belts, although thinner and lighter than conventional steel ropes, have a high carrying capacity and offer long-term use without elongation.

Steel belt pulley systems are designed and certified in accordance with international safety standards such as EN 81 Standard. These standards are critical benchmarks set to guarantee the safety and performance of lifts.


These systems require less maintenance than conventional wire rope systems and reduce operating costs. Since periodic maintenance and replacement of belts is required less frequently, loss of work and additional costs for businesses are reduced.

Steel belt pulleys for lifts are at the forefront of innovation in lift technology, providing high performance, safety and cost effectiveness. These systems make it possible for lifts to operate lighter, quieter and more efficiently, increasing the value of buildings and the user experience.


Plastic Belt Pulley

Lightness and Efficiency


Plastic belt pulleys used in lift systems attract attention with their lightness and high performance. Compared to traditional metal pulleys, plastic pulleys weigh less, reduce the energy consumption of elevators and ensure quieter operation.


Plastic pulleys are produced from special engineering plastics and are manufactured by centrifugal casting method with zero pores and very low balance. Thanks to this production technology, plastic pulleys can be used up to 2.5 m/s without any balancing process. They also offer high corrosion resistance and high wear resistance.


Plastic lift pulleys reduce the lift's energy consumption, extend its life, reduce maintenance costs and increase user comfort. They also maintain its balance, prevent it from rusting and reduce its noise, which improves the experience of lift users.

TSE-EN certified plastic lift pulleys provide quality and safety at international standards. These certificates guarantee the quality of the production process and the final product.

Plastic belt pulleys used in elevators, as a part of modern lift technology, prioritise energy efficiency and user comfort. They provide more efficient and economical operation of lift systems with their light weight and low energy consumption.

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