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Artı Kasnak, which started pulley production with 25 years of experience in the elevator industry, started its operations in 2005 in Istanbul.


Artı Kasnak, which offers its products to 81 provinces in Turkey and more than 50 countries in the world with its own foundry and plastic pulley production facilities, has certified its production in DIN and EN standards with ISO-9001 as well as quality approval reports obtained from the Turkish Standards Institute.


Artı Pulley manufactures motor pulleys as well as pulleys, especially chain pulleys, deflection pulleys and hydraulic pulleys. Plastic pulleys are made of captormal and cast pulleys are made of GG 25 cast iron and GGG 50 spheroidal graphite cast iron. The products have designs that eliminate noise and vibration problems, operate with low balance, have high corrosion resistance and high wear resistance.


Artı Kasnak works with the principle of customer satisfaction and excellence. A team of experienced and qualified engineers, technicians and sales representatives assist customers with any questions or requests.


Appearing in many national and international fairs, Artı Kasnak is in the focus of local and international elevator manufacturer companies.

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